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Porch Stories

“Already the director of such acclaimed documentaries as the 2004 Hot Docs prizewinner ARMY OF ONE, Toronto filmmaker Sarah Goodman displays a sure hand with her first narrative feature, too.”

- Jason Anderson

4 NNNN’s “An odd, sweet little social study…with a playful, sly energy.”

-Norm Wilner, NOW Magazine

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“Stark, beautiful and poignant…sometimes the most unassuming things end up being the most memorable.”

-Matthew Ritchie, Exclaim

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“Sarah Goodman puts her documentary chops from observing the lives of others and her good ear for the rhythms of conversation to work in Porch Stories, a charming, unfussy romantic comedy-drama…Goodman’s delicate touch is exactly right…”

-Angelo Muredda, Torontoist

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FOUR STARS “An enchanting exploration of relationships fueled by a sense of naturalism.”

- Matt Blevins, Next Projection

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“An authentic slice of Toronto life from a keen-eyed director”

-Eli Glasner, CBC News

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“…this film pulsates with the kind of life that can only come from the careful, passionate observation of what’s around you…sweet, funny, evocative and deeply romantic… Goodman has delivered the goods with Porch Stories, and then some.”

- Greg Klymkiw’s Film Corner

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“Porch Stories is people watching at its best, presenting a portrait of the ever shifting kaleidoscope of humanity.”

-Amanda Clarke, Toronto Film Scene

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“A keenly observed portrait.”

-Toronto International Film Festival

“Porch Stories has many good things going for it; it’s a debut fiction feature with a lot of soul.”.”

- Marc Glassman, Classical 96.3FM

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“…a lovely film about love and life’s choices.”

-Matt Galloway, CBC Metro Morning

“Both Barrett and Contreras come across as likeable and intelligently sincere.”

-Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

“…a beautifully filmed black-and-white movie…Laura Barrett is quietly compelling.”

- Kyle Wells, Monday Magazine

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“…recalls the milieu of Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz and the naturalism of John Cassavetes.”

- Michael D. Reid, Times Colonist

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Army of One

“Sarah Goodman’s first feature-length documentary, Army of One, puts a bitterly ironic spin on the Army’s best-known recruiting slogan, ‘Be all that you can be…’” Goodman achieves an almost shocking intimacy…”

- Dana Stevens, NEW YORK TIMES

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“A riveting and timely documentary. its a testimony to this Army’s raw power that one is left wanting more”

- Ken Eisner, VARIETY

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“Sarah Goodman’s excellent entry has the economy and force of good poetry and the momentum of good fiction. Goodman’s style is so deftly understated you might not hear the cry of anguish until days later, when scenes from the film are still floating around in your head.”

- Wendy Banks, NOW MAGAZINE

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“Should become required viewing for all troubled youth, their uncertain parents, the military establishment and their detractors or supporters.”

- James Wegg, FILM THREAT

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“Anyone thinking of enlisting in the Army might want to take a look at Army of One, a compelling documentary by Canadian Sarah Goodman.”

- V.A. Musetto, NEW YORK POST

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“Sarah Goodman’s “Army of One” is an arresting festival entry that charts the recruitment, training and fate of three very different individuals.”

- Jan Stuart, NEWSDAY

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When We Were Boys

“Absorbing…Goodman is able to show a strange intimacy among the boys…fascinating.”


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“Affecting and impressive… fascinating, indelible characters… one of the best films screening at Hot Docs”


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“What Lord of the Flies would have been like if the characters played Guitar Hero.”


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“Consistently engrossing…(Goodman) uses her camera to build empathy, not pass judgement.”


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“impressively long-term verite doc about life among the young, privileged, white and male.”


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“Her ability to intertwine the awkwardness of peer grouping and the intimacy of teenage friendship without interfering through narration, voice overs, or a back story is delightful.”


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“Goodman steps back to let Colin and Noah tell their own stories, at their own pace.


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“Goodman smartly narrows her focus to the friendship between two boys: Gentle striver Noah and laconic class clown Colin.”


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Hidden Driveway

“Sarah Goodman’s short, Hidden Driveway, premiered at this year’s TIFF”


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“..a wry study in sibling dynamics”

- Jason Anderson, TORONTO STAR

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“Sarah Goodman is a self taught auteur and her career is a testament to passion and persistence.”

- Gary Rusak, blogTO

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“Festival debut ‘freaks out’ up-and-coming filmmaker”

- Wendy Gillis, The Star

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Filmmaker Interview Series: Sarah Goodman – Army of One

Watch here